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Cool Software: Atmoshere Lite / Atmosphere Deluxe-
Nature sounds you can customize!
VectorMedia Software
This is a wonderful piece of software for those looking for the ultimate nature recording and therapists who desire to customize nature recordings for the setting and based on client preference. All of the paramaters can be controlled, from the frequency each sound occurs, to the level of each sound in the mix. Best of all, each recording is ROYALTY FREE, for use in relaxation recordings, presentations, and other uses. You can save different scenarios and/or you can put your customized "atmosphere" on a CD or send to an MP3 player. Atmosphere Lite is FREE. Atmosphere Deluxe has a free trail download that lasts for 21 days. Registering to purchase the software costs $30.00. You also then go to their web-site and download more sounds. For $10.00 a year, Lite users can also download many plug-ins and sounds. Company also makes audio masking and tinitus masking software which I have yet to evaluate. I'll let you know when I have tried them.
To Download either the free or trial versions or to buy click here:

native american flutes from Odell Borg at High Spirits Flutes

If you are interested in learning to play the Cedar flute, you should visit this site. In my therapy practice, in my recordings, and in my performances, I use a wide variety of Cedar flutes and other flutes from around the world. It is usually very difficult to find a flute-maker who consistently makes easily playable flutes. I highly recommend High Spirits flutes for quality and playability.


Sheet Music Plus Homepage

Visit Search for and buy individual songs, fake books, or piano sheet music. This site has thousands of titles to chose from, some titles may be downloaded and printed on your computer.

Music Therapy Books from

Other recordings for healing and relaxation from

American Music Therapy Association Web-site

Visit this Web-site to find out more about music therapy, or for assistance in finding a music therapist in your area. This is the official music therapy Web-site.

Amplified Listener ("Pocket Talker")

This can be a valuable tool for those with certain hearing impairments when listening to music or conversing. This listening device amplifies sound in the room very clearly and has a variety of settings to accomodate each listener. The device connects to any pair of stereo headphones with a 1/8th inch plug. I use two of these in my practice and have been very pleased with the results. Click on the address below for more information.


This Web-site is a good reference for finding complimentary healthcare practitioners nationwide or by state. I do not endorse all of the modalities you may find here, but you may find helpful information on this site. Healthcare professionals may list their services or products free of charge in this national directory.



the Internet's biggest directory of audio - and music- related web sites!




Please note: The links to and on this page are paid affiliations. Christian Nielsen Music Therapy receives a small percentage of each sale made through these links. All other listings are unpaid links to resources which I've assembled to assist other music therapists, health professionals, and my clients. All sites on this page are ones that I recommend because I feel they offer valuable products or services.
Thank you,
Christian Nielsen MT-BC