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Practitioner Sales Programs

Professional Practitioner Sales Programs

A wide variety of professional practitioners use our music in a variety of ways: from physicians using our music to provide a tranquil and soothing environment in their offices, to mental health practitioner who use the music in guided imagery and relaxation, to massage therapists using the music in their practice to assist in further relaxing their clients, to hospital staff using music to comfort patients before, during, and after surgery. We have developed a practitioner program specifically for those who use our music in their practice.

Practitioner Program #1:

  • Practitioners receive a 40% discount on all CD's with no obligation other than telling their clients about us when they ask.

Practitioner Program #2:

  • You receive 1 free copy of every CD in our catalog

  • You post our catalogs & other promotional materials in a prominent place in your office and/or treatment area and refer clients to them when they ask about the music you use.

  • CD's ship directly to the client or to your office.

  • You then receive a quarterly payment of 20% of the retail price for each CD sold.

Practitioner Program #3:

  • Single practitioners receive 1 free copy of every CD in our catalog for each practitioner in your office, multiple practitioner companies receive 2 free copies of each CD.

  • Additional CD's for practitioners use only may purchased with a 50% discount.

  • You agree to carry CD's on a consignment basis.

  • YOU PAY NOTHING up front!!

  • You then sell the CD's for the set retail price.


  • You may request more CD's at any time, or make special orders for clients and we will ship them to you.


  • You can offer your clients a drug-free way to relax and reduce stress at home. The stress reduction is even more increased if the music is used during treatments such as massage, guided imagery, or energy work, by conditioning a relaxation response.

  • You can increase revenues through the sales of the CD's

  • You have the use of these CD's in your practice for a reduced rate, or free to enhance relaxation and healing for you clients.

Hospital or Large Clinic Programs

  • Call to create a customized plan for free and/or reduced price for CD's for use by patients receiving treatment and/or by clinicians.

  • Volume discounts are available

  • Consider selling them in your gift shop or home care stores for your clients to use.

  • Some appropriate hospital settings might include: cancer centers, radiology areas, birthing and nursery facilities, end of life rooms, Patient CD/Video libraries, surgical facilities, or other patient treatment areas.

Call 952-221-1857, or Email

We also offer:

  • Consulting services regarding the uses of recorded music (including suggestions for other recordings) or starting a music therapy program.
  • Workshops, inservices, performances, and other special events for clinicians and/or your clients
  • Music therapy group or individual services (availability is limited to areas in Minnesota- schedule is also limited)

For more information or to sign up, please contact us.