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Christian Nielsen
Music Therapist, Composer, Performer
Wedding Ceremony Music
The Native American Flute ("The Love Flute")


Indigenous to woodland American Indian nations, the cedar flute had two main traditional uses: meditation and courtship. When used for either purpose it was improvised in the moment and was always to be played "from the heart". This instrument is often used in traditional American Indian ceremonies and it is used more and more in non-Indian wedding ceremonies. The instrument, when played well, creates as sacred, tranquil, and loving space. Christian has played Native flute in a very wide variety of ceremonial settings. He combines purely improvised music, set compositions of his own, traditional American Indian songs, and a few hymns in his repertoire. Christian also plays some flutes from other cultures. For examples of Christian's Native Flute playing, please visit my Streaming Albums page.
Guitar/Vocal Solo
Christian is also available for guitar and vocal performance. Other musicians, including a pianist, cellist, singer, and other instrumentalists, can also be available for an additional fee.
Other Instruments
Christian can also play indigenous percussion, such as hand drums, frame drums, talking drums, rain sticks, and many other instruments. An additional percussionist can also be available to accompany the flutes. He can also play and compose ceremonial music using synthesizers. Sequenced backgrounds composed by Christian can also be added to flute performances. There are many possiblities- please contact Christian for more information.
A professional audio system can be provided for a minimal additional charge. In some settings and for some musical options this may be required. In locations where a sound system is not available, this sound system could be used for all participants in the ceremony. Wireless lapel microphone for clergy, stands and microphones for other musicians, and CD player available for additional fees. Customized CD creation and other audio services are available. 
Christian Nielsen is an experienced music professional, with 30 years professional musical experience and a degree in music therapy from Augsburg College. For more information about Christian, click here.
Athough my overall availability is somewhat limited, I am willing and available to play for ceremonies for people of all faiths, races, and sexual orientations.
For Information about availability and fees, please click here to