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Health Care Performance Services


Christian Nielsen MT-BC
Music Therapist, Board Certified | Composer | Musician
Health Care Music Performance Services
While much of his time is spent providing music therapy services to the clients he serves, Christian is available to perform. He is proficient in many instruments and uses them in his practice and in performance. Christian is also a versatile musician, capable of playing in many different styles, from different eras. As a musician, he is probably best known for his performances on the Native American Cedar Flute, and flutes from other cultures and for his music for relaxation, meditation, and healing. He also plays Guitar, Synthesizers, Indigenous percussion; several other instruments, and sings. His original compositions and improvisations are usually calming and comforting, but they can also be energizing. Christian performs in schools, clinics, hospitals and wellness centers, churches and other houses of worship, ceremonies, retreats, nature centers, and other locations. He has performed for groups as small as 20 to groups of over 3000. Health Care clients have included Allina, Fairview, Children's Health Care, Health Partners, Park Nicollet, Ridgeview Medical, and others.
Special Events
"When you play, it just touches me like no other music ever has."
-Hospital Chaplain
For Healthcare organizations, Christian performs for wellness and self-care events, patient memorial services & bereavement functions, patient education and community awareness events, staff and/or administrative retreats, and many other types of events. At times these are also incorporated with workshop and education services (please call or see the website for more information about these services). Christian's extensive experience in this area also gives him insight into planning for these events.
Environmental Music Therapy
"His music just creates a healing and comforting space"
-Former client, workshop participant, & performance attendee
Far more than just, "background music," environmental music therapy seeks to enhance the healing environment of a particular space through specific types of music. Environmental music must be supportive to the needs of patients, families, and staff. It must be present, yet not intrusive or distracting in a negative way. Studies have shown that live music is far more effective in this area. However, appropriate recorded music can be effective (see the web site for Christian's recordings and others that are recommended). Studies have also shown that music therapy, both 1 on 1, and used environmentally can greatly increase consumer satisfaction in healthcare settings.
Concert Performance
"You could just feel everyone's blood pressure in the whole room drop and their breathing calmed and slowed- it was just amazing."
-Nurse observing performance
Christian is also performs in more formal concert settings. This type of event can be a more structured meditative and healing time to offer your clientele. Listeners often say it gives them time to reflect and be at peace. Performances can also be interactive in nature. Other musicians may be incorporated and sequenced backgrounds may be used for portions of a performance.
"The flute just takes me places... right where I need to be, where I want to be. I'm at the cabin on the dock by the lake. This is where I feel the most alive and whole. I can even feel the summer sun on my skin. It's so healing to listen to you play."
Additional musicians and music therapists are also available for most performance services.

Please contact me to check on a date or for more information.

Voice/Text: 952-221-1857