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Video Theater

Videos and Slideshows
Welcome to the Video Theater. Take a few moments to sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy a video.
To play a video, click on the image, or to play all of the videos one after the other, click here: Video Channel
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Donna Nobis Pacem (from album: Meditations on Peace)

After the Rain (from album: Sacred Wind Calling)

Going Home (from album: Home)

"Aurora" (abridged) (from album: Across the Echo)

Night Call (from album: Across the Echo)

Morning Call (from album: Across the Echo)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (from album: Home)

Infinite Sun (from album: Endless Ocean, Infinite Sun)

Solstice (from album: Across the Echo)

"Two Worlds" (with Melony Manes on violin) (from album: Meditations on Flow)

Dream of Stars (from album: "Calling Down the Stars" [download-only album])

Healing River (from album: Sacred Wind Calling)

These videos are for personal use. Please feel free to embed these videos on personal or business websites. A link to my website would be appreciated. For all other professional or commercial use, please contact me. Customized web and hi resolution videos and slide shows are available. Click here to contact us for more information.

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