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Recordings- Terms of Use & Commercial Uses

MP3 Device Upload Fees

If you are using Ipods, other MP3 players, or computers it is important to remember to respect both the rights of all artists, and the law. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about this. However the spirit of the law is that when making multiple copies, to be used by more than one individual, it is important to pay the creators of the work for each copy. This is especially true when used in a business. Payment for the music is how the creators of works can continue to create. If you are uploading and using more than one copy, whether the original source is a CD, an MP3 CD, or an internet download, please consider paying a small per upload fee. This is done on the honor system. You keep track of downloads, and pay monthly according to the following fee structure.

  • Tracks less than 15 minutes: $.99 per upload

  • Tracks greater than 15 minutes: $2.00 per upload

CD Copy fees

Several organizations have asked about making copies of CD's from our original CD's or from MP3. Copying CD's or MP3 files without permission is illegal. However, there is an easy and legal way to make copies and use our CD's. For quality assurance and labeling, it would be best to use copies made by our duplication facility. However sometimes time may not permit this, or organizations prefer the convenience of on-demand CD's. Copies must be made from an originally purchased CD. As with MP3 downloads, this is done on the honor system. Please consider paying these fees to allow myself and the others I record to continue to create and offer our music.

  • CD copy fee: $6 per CD

CD Copies or MP3 files must be made from an originally purchased CD or MP3 CD.

Fees for MP3 Download or CD copy can be paid by check, credit card, or through PayPal (see web-site for details)

Please obey all copyright laws and respect the rights of all those who create works so that they may continue to do so.



If CD's are to be used for a commercial use, a Licensed copy of the CD must be purchased. For the price of $50 per CD, the music on it may be used on Web-Sites, in presentations and workshops, played in public areas (area larger than can hold 15 people), on hold music, added to video programs etc. Clinics and Stores that carry my CD's and practitioners involved in sales programs may play my music without this license. This fee also covers use of this material in customized recordings made for clients/patients. When music is used in a presentation or production, music credit and web-site should be displayed, mentioned in text, or otherwise made available to the audience. USE OF CD's WITH INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS AND SMALL GROUPS DOES NOT REQUIRE THIS LICENSE AS THAT IS CONSIDERED “PRIVATE USE”.

  • Licensed CD's: $50 per CD (includes cost of CD)

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