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Memorial Fees


Christian Nielsen

Memorial Fees


Fee’s for memorial services or first hour of performing for visitation times. These are basic fees. Use of some services may have additional fees. Please contact me for a quote.

  • Cities within 20 miles of Watertown MN- $125
  • Within 20-40 miles of Watertown MN- $150
  • 40-55 miles of Watertown MN- $175
  • 55+ miles of Watertown MN: $200 plus drive time ($25/hour after 1st hour- prorated) and applicable travel expenses.
  • 180+miles: please call.

Additional performance hours (50 minutes playing + 10 min. break- recorded music available) = $60

Fees include services where playing is unamplified, adequate sound systems are provided, or use of my micro PA system is sufficient. If my large sound system is required an additional $50 fee will apply. The need for sound reinforcement is based on several factors, including instrumentation, acoustics, and number of participants. Additional sound services are available- call or email for more information.


For music requests not in repertoire, additional sheet music fees and preparation time fees may apply.

*Additional rehearsal fees may apply when working with additional musicians.


Additional musicians are available. Please contact me for rates.


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