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This CD follows Christian's own healing journey. With an artery becoming blocked in the in the brain caused by a "defect" in the blood-flow of the heart, the word "flow" has taken on a new and important meaning. The CD is a musical meditation on the meaning of flow in our lives and in the world around us. This CD features many instruments, including guitar, multiple pitched and unpitched percussion, synthesizers, piano, and, of course, the Cedar Flute. The violin of music therapist, Melony Dodson, also joins Christian's flutes on two pieces.

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Sacred Wind Calling
This CD features the Native American flutes with some percussion and environmental sounds. It is the pure and simple flutes played in a traditional style with no synthesizers and little effects processing. In addition to original music by Christian, this CD also features a traditional Lakota tune and two hymns, ending with "Amazing Grace". Guest violinist, Melony Maness on one selection.

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This recording is the result of many years of requests and encouragement from the families of clients I have served in Hospice and end-of life care. Home is also a reflection of my own journey. This is a collection of spirituals with the theme of home. So many songs are about home- often describing the journey to the next world as “going home”. My years of hospice work has taught me that it really is a going home. Guitars, other instruments, and voice are woven together with environmental sounds to create a calming, spiritually supportive space. While my other recordings combine many spiritual and cultural traditions, this recording is more specific to the Christian faith tradition.
Due to licensing restrictions, album cannot be streamed in its entirety free of charge.

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Across The Echo
The title of this CD is inspired by a Navajo Song-Poem. This recording features Native American Flutes with Synthesizers and Rainsticks. This sedative music is less rhythmic than some of Christians previous recordings, with free rhythms and improvisation. The pieces are written, performed, and recorded to give a sense of space and freedom as the name suggests. Many of these pieces are inspired by nature, including a musical interpretation of the Northern Lights.

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Endless Ocean, Infinite Sun
This CD is one continious 60 minute track. CD is designed to give an hour long relaxation experience. Perfect for hour long massage, acupuncture, or energy work sessions or to just get away for an hour. Native flutes, percussion, and chants join with the sounds of Lake Superior and the ocean. CD includes the Lakota chant song, "Infinite Sun".

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For Noah
This collection of improvised instrumental lullabies is for children of all ages. Inspired by Christians son, Noah, this recording is a reflection of the power of music as seen through the eyes of both parent and child. Drums reflect the sound of the heartbeat, a sound that has great calming effects on both children and adults. Native American & Asian flutes, recorders, and synthesizers create a soothing environment, with gentle melodies to help relax and ease baby (or adult) to sleep.

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Tranquility: Music Assisted Relaxation
Christian Nielsen MT-BC

This CD combines breathing and autogenic relaxation* techniques, as well as basic imagery. Synthesizers, rainsticks, and windchimes, along with soothing narration create a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation. This recording is designed according to music therapy research, as well as Christians own experience. Recording contains one guided exercise and the music only version.

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Healing Blue Sky: Music Assisted Relaxation
Sandra Holten MT-BC, Dawn Miller, MME, MT-BC, & Christian Nielsen MT-BC

Created entirely by music therapists, this recording is sure to give the listener the best possible relaxation experience. Both music and narration are designed according to music therapy research and the extensive clinical experience of its creators. CD contains two guided exercises and one extended instrumental piece. Musical score by Christian Nielsen.

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