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Music Therapy References

PresentationReference/Bibliography Files and Pages
Click on a file below to download. I have posted these files for informational purposes only. Please note these presentations are mostly protected by copyright and may be used publicly only with permission (contact me to request permission). These are my more common presentations, if you don't see a a presentation here, please contact me and I can Email it to you. Contact me if you are seeking a workshop outline or an outline from a church presentation.

Music Therapy General References PDF file (click here to download)

Research on Indigenous Music Healing Practices PDF File (click here to download)

Music Therapy Fact Sheet Word Document (click here to download)

Sounds of Healing- An introduction to music therapy PowerPoint (click here to download)

Sounds of Healing- an introduction to music therapy handout (click here to download)

American Spirituality, Healing, and views toward death (click here to download)

Heart Songs, Native American Flute presentation PowerPoint (click here to download)

Families Growing Through Grief Powerpoint (click here to download)

Alzheimer's Association Community Music Therapy Presentation (click here to download)

Arts in Aging Community Presentation (click here to download)

Grief Drum Circle Ceremony (COPYRIGHT PROTECTED- click here to download)

Drum Circle Renewal Workshop (click here to download)

Parkinson's Rhythmic Entrainment Presentation (click here to download)

More information on Music Therapy at (click here)